About Us

The London Humane Society was established as a non-profit organization in 1899 and exists to improve the lives of animals in our community by providing temporary shelter and appropriate new families for unwanted or cruelly treated animals.

We provide education, advocacy, and assist animals in distress.

Throughout the years, we have worked tirelessly to assist animals by providing them with a home until they can be adopted into a new family.   We enforce the OSPCA Act and sections of the Criminal Code that are relevant to animal cruelty but we receive no government support at any level. Our ability to support animals in our community is entirely dependent on individual and corporate donations.

Did You Know?

  • All of our work is done through donations. No government funding at any level is allocated to the London Humane Society.

  • The London Humane Society never euthanizes for space.

  • About 2,000 animals are provided shelter and care (including medical care) by the London Humane Society each year.

  • Our investigation department responds to more than 1000 reports of animal cruelty every year – removing animals in need and laying criminal charges when warranted.

  • The London Humane Society has the sole power to remove animals from homes where they are facing abuse, neglect and abandonment.

  • The 453,000 residents of London-Middlesex and their animals are served by the London Humane Society.

  • We provide education to teach people a sense of responsibility toward not just companion animals but all living things.

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