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Trimming your pet’s nails is probably something that you both dread. Although it may be a stressful task, it is very important to ensure their comfort and overall health... Read More
Rabies Prevention for Pets
Although most of us know that rabies is a life-threatening disease, many are unaware of exactly what rabies is or the importance of prevention... Read More
Back to School Tips Graphic
It’s nearly back to school time! Between haircuts, shopping for new supplies and scheduling after school activities, it’s often easy to forget how this will impact our pets. Read More
Bonded Pair Graphic
When a bonded pair of pets is brought to London Humane Society for re-homing, we insist that they are adopted together. This is a decision that we are proud of, however it is quite normal for bonded pairs of animals spend more time in shelters than individual, adoptable pets... Read More
Imagine for a moment the fear and suffering that would be experienced if you were left alone and unable to access the necessities of life, such as food or water. This tragic reality was forced upon a young female tabby... Read More
He was in shock with brutally inflicted gunshot wounds, whimpering and unable to walk. His condition spurred immediate action by the veterinary staff… Read More
We provided medication, vaccines and veterinary care to these puppies and their Momma. As weeks went by, they developed into healthy, playful puppies, fully weaned and adjusted to a new diet… Read More
She was gentle, but she was also nervous, and obviously suffering emotional distress after either a long, frightening night in a strange place or watching her owner disappear in the dawn light… Read More
Trooper is a young eight-month-old husky cross. He suffered at least six weeks with a fractured leg. There was swelling and he wasn’t able to put any weight on his leg. The leg started to heal, but because it was never treated, it became malformed. Read More
The border collie cross, suffering from severe allergies, had lost most of its fur. All three animals were tortured with fleas. The home was filthy and they were left to scavenge for what food they could find in the garbage… Read More

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