Temporary Care


The LHS Volunteer Surrogate Family program is designed to provide a temporary stay for animals that need it the most. As a volunteer surrogate family you will provide a comfortable, loving environment in which these animals will be able to realize their true potential.

The London Humane Society will provide all food, supplies and medical care. You will be responsible for transporting animals to and from the shelter as well as in the event of an animal emergency.

In some cases you may be required to administer medications, in which case the London Humane Society will provide training.


How Do I Become a Volunteer Surrogate Family?

The first step in the process is to fill out the volunteer surrogate family application form. Your answers to these questions will help determine whether the program is a good fit for you at this time and, subsequently, whether we can proceed to the next stage.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Surrogate Family for the London Humane Society please pick up an application at 624 Clarke Road or request an application via email.




Providing temporary care has been so much more than I expected. Being a part of the recovery process brings great satisfaction.

Taking a litter of kittens and watching them mature into little beings is the most rewarding experience.


NOTE: All applications must be dropped off in person at the London Humane Society.



For further information please contact:

(519) 451-0630 ext. 233


Common Volunteer Surrogate Family Questions:

If you ever thought that you would like to provide temporary care for an animal and wondered what was involved, here are a few questions and answers that may help you make a decision. By looking at a number of factors including your home environment, time availability and skills and experience, our Animal Health Department can select an appropriate surrogate home for a pregnant or nursing animal or a motherless litter of puppies or kittens.

What are the qualifications for an LHS Volunteer Surrogate Family?
If I’m accepted as a volunteer surrogate family when will I be contacted?
Must a surrogate family adopt the animal?
What is the adoption protocol for surrogate family animals?
Am I responsible for food and other supplies?
What happens if a surrogate animal needs medical attention?
How long do I provide care for a particular animal?
Can I provide care for more than one animal?
What happens if my own pet gets sick?
Do you drop off and pick up the animals that I am caring for?
Is there a risk of my family or I picking up an animal’s disease?
Does a mother remain with her kittens/puppies in temporary care?
What happens at the end of an animal’s temporary care?