AGE: 3 Years Old
GENDER: Female
BREED: Domestic Short Hair
RESTRICTIONS: FIV+(no other cats)

Xena was abandoned in her previous home without food or water when her owners moved out. Upon arrival at London Humane Society, she weighed only 3 lbs; an adult cat should weigh approx. 6-10 lbs.  After months of dedicated care by London Humane Society staff, Xena is finally available for adoption!

Xena is FIV+ (which stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) which is basically feline HIV. This disease attacks a cat’s immune system, leaving them vulnerable to infection. Cats with FIV should be kept strictly as an indoor pet, require a high-quality food along with yearly vet visits. With proper care, FIV + cats can live long and healthy lives!  This disease cannot be transmitted to humans or other non-feline animals. It can only be transmitted to other cats via bites, scratches or at birth. As such, we recommend that Xena be adopted by someone without other cats.

We hope you will come meet Xena at 624 Clarke Rd weekdays from 1-6 pm or weekends from 1-4:30 pm. This special 3-year-old feline deserves to have a loving family that will spoil her with love and affection.



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